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What's "the grind"?

Occasionally I get asked about my podcast “Outgrow the Grind” and what the heck “the Grind” means.

A woman once shared my podcast on Facebook saying that Outgrow the Grind is for women looking to “leave their corporate jobs and launch their entrepreneurial journey.”

It made me laugh because I don't consider myself a coach just for aspiring entrepreneurs at all. 

I work with all kinds of folks (yes, mostly women!) with their own unique daily grinds.

A corporate job is one example of a grind, but there are many more!

"The grind" could be...

  • Doing everything on your own and not asking for help
  • A revolving door of self-help classes / diets / "bootcamps" that you’ve tried that all left you feeling crummy
  • Feeling nonstop guilt (both for what you are and aren’t doing)
  • Working in a job that makes your skin crawl
  • People pleasing / saying "yes" to things out of guilt or obligation
  • Working way too much
  • Judging your every move (and then judging your own judging)
  • Being in a one-sided relationship that drains you more than energizes you
  • Going along with what everyone else wants instead of tuning in to what you want
  • Worrying nonstop about what might go wrong
  • Doing what others think you "should" do instead of what you want to do.
  • Anything that's repetitive and wearin' you down (see the cheese grinder gif above!)
  • Any combination of these that has you knowing the route to total burnout way more than the route to total bliss

Oh my goodness, I feel tired just thinking about these.

A couple of resources that may be helpful to you...

One of my clients sent me this article by Iona Holloway today about how to stop grinding for your own self-approval!

  • In it, she shares: "We think we’re evolved human beings in charge of our destiny. In truth, we’ve been conditioned to work long, fast, and hard to earn the right to feel 'good enough.'" Ouch, the truth of that stings.
  • The article includes six ways to "transform yourself from a human doing into a human being." Check it out.

For my guest on this week's episode of the Outgrow the Grind podcast, Stacy Griner's grind was a job that looked great from the outside.

  • She was well-paid, she had healthcare, good benefits, and lots of vacation days (that she rarely used!).
  • She felt like she should be happy and she should feel grateful.
  • But on the inside, she felt awful. Stacy even reached a point where she couldn't get out of bed to go to work.
  • It wasn't until a game-changing moment while on vacation in Guatemala that she realized she had to make a change.
  • Tune in to the entire episode here.

What feels like a grind to you?

This isn’t a rhetorical question, I’m truly asking. If you'd like to share, reply to this email and let me know what grinds you down.

🌱 My wish for you is less grinding and more growing.

Take good care,


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