• Hi, my name is Stacy.

    I'M A COACH.



    I help overachieving women set boundaries so they can invest their time and energy in ways they love, starting now.


    I offer both individual and group coaching.

  • I'm really good with women who...

    ... are hyper-responsible and so good at taking care of everyone else (and are tired and maybe a little or a lot resentful).


    ... have lost their sense of joy and aren't sure where to find it again, or if they can.

    ... know they're meant for bigger things, a different life, but worry it's too late or that they're too far off track or they're too broken or that dreams are only for other people.

    ... are wondering if they're allowed to want more than "good enough."


    ... have more to offer than their current lives allow, and it's painful.

  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is a supportive relationship that gives you the scheduled time and space and the skilled guidance to get clear about your unique-to-you hopes and goals and desires, your understanding of the greater purpose of your life and how you want to feel living it. And then, together, we design a practical, doable, step-by-step plan that helps you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • What to expect when I'm your Coach


    We'll start with a free session to feel each other out and decide if we're a fit for working together (Does it feel free and easy?). I'll ask you more about what you want from coaching and you'll experience my coaching in our 45 minutes just for you.


    Discovery Session

    I'll take you through some guided visualizations to reconnect you with your values, your purpose, and your many inner resources. I'm a certified Co-Active Coach, which means that even in our first "official" session together, my approach is for us to look at what you're doing now and what you want to do (doing) AND we'll look at who you're being now and who you want to be (being). Both are important.


    Ongoing Coaching

    Our coaching sessions will happen by audio or video call on a schedule we plan together, depending on your package. I will give you "homework" to do before our next session, so you feel encouraged and get to experience the pleasure of momentum towards your goals and the satisfaction of carrying yourself there. Sometimes your homework will be action-oriented, and sometimes it will be an internal reflection.


    Midpoint Check-In

    When we're almost halfway through your coaching package, we'll look back at your original desires for coaching. We'll make sure we're heading in the right direction and make adjustments together as needed. How does it feel? What do you want more of or less of?


    Completion and Celebration

    We'll look back and celebrate all of the ways you've grown during our time together. We'll also look at your next steps and how to weave in what you've learned and shifted in your mindset, choices and actions.

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  • Photo of Stacy by Katya Nicholas

    Let me tell you a little about me ...

    Born and raised in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, I grew up with a love of lip sync dance parties, exploring nature, and studying people. I've always been fascinated by human interactions and even at a young age, my 90-year-old Grandpa tells me I had contagious enthusiasm (he still calls me a "spark plug"). I came into this world with a knack for understanding what lights people up and reflecting it back to them.

    Professionally, in a variety of roles, I’ve worked with sexual assault survivors, prison inmates, individuals and families seeking affordable housing, people who were unemployed and under-employed, and even the author and icon Mama Gena. The common thread between survivor advocacy, restorative justice, affordable housing, stable employment, and women’s empowerment is that while the people and circumstances and goals were different, I was always gently guiding people towards their own sense of personal fulfillment. It turns out, I have always been a coach.


    I've criss-crossed the United States a few times and am now living in Athens, Georgia, but I welcome coaching clients from all over the world.

  • Client Praise



    Founder and Creative Innovator


    "One supercharged coaching session with Stacy really helped me get unstuck in ways that years of therapy / coaching never have. She's so positive - not in that over-the-top fake way - but in that compassionate, grounded-in-truth kind-of-way. The way that shines a light on a path forward. Her actionable steps are practical and easy to implement, so much so that everything just clicked.


    Thank you Stacy, your grace and kindness have been the gifts that keep on giving, and I cannot recommend you enough.


    If you're feeling stuck, do yourself a favor and reach out to Stacy."


    Elizabeth, Healing Artist


    "Stacy is an intuitive woman who is kind and gets to the heart of things. I was touched by her respect of me and her thoughtfulness. The sessions definitely made me realize where I was overcommitted and not wanting to be. Stacy helped me to build momentum to make changes and to protect myself when needed."

    Donna, Entrepreneur


    "At a time in my life that was completely imbalanced, I was lucky enough that a friend referred me to Stacy. After our initial meeting, I knew this was going to be a life changing journey. Right up front, Stacy is honest about what our journey may look like, to make sure both of us are comfortable with each other and a good fit. This was great!!


    It also gave me a sense of ‘Team Us’. Someone I can trust, share my thoughts without judgement, explore my hurdles with respect and compassion, and who facilitates a path of moving forward. Best of all, Stacy brings ‘real’ positivity to the table and gentle guidance with lots of helpful resources for success. Success can be many things to different people and Stacy is on board to dive into any of those areas. Such as; personal growth, emotional reflection, business ideas, financial stumbling blocks, and having a fulfilled life that feels comfortable to ‘me’.


    I am on a better path, moving forward, feeling more & more centered and true to myself, and continually discovering where my future may lead me. Thank you Stacy!!"


    Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Entrepreneur


    "I started working with Stacy during the greatest challenges of my life. I was miserable at a job where I was underemployed. I wasn't showing up in my authenticity. I wasn't enforcing my boundaries. Everything was all messy. I was wound so tight and couldn't surrender to receive what I desired for myself. I had no idea how to practically navigate my life so I could do what I wanted to do.


    Stacy held my vision for my life, my business, grounded me in my power and constantly returned me to who I was and what I wanted. In the time I was with Stacy, I left my job, finally launched my online coaching business and course during a pandemic, and I made $10K in sales in one month. Now I feel ah-mazing showing up as my authentic self and I quite enjoy the messy flow of things knowing I can handle anything!


    Stacy really is talented at seeing where I am at *really* and shows me how to navigate the tough stuff while keeping me totally present with myself so I can actually enjoy getting to where I want to go. Her passion and care for me as a client could be felt in every second, in every session. She has empowered me to reclaim my time, energy, and a life I am absolutely in love with."


    Educator and Peacebuilder


    "It's my first time seeking coaching, even though I'm at a really good place in life right now. As I approach 50, I'm looking to parlay my career, continue to improve my relationships, and learn how to have more overall clarity. Stacy has been wonderful for me. She's totally attuned to who I am and what I need. She truly listens. I just love her joyous outlook on the world, and look forward to every meeting with her."



    Freelance Broadcaster


    "I was apprehensive about hiring a life coach as I’ve already had a therapist. After one session with Stacy I realized how different the two were and how much I needed coaching in my life. Working with Stacy is a life-changing experience. Her ability to listen and be compassionate yet stern was just the balance that I needed. I realized how important it was to have somebody that would really hold me accountable. Somebody I could check in with.


    Whether you’re stuck in a spinning spiral and you can’t pivot out of it or you’re on the brink of needing to change that one toxic relationship or make that next step forward with your career or finding a balance in your life, I’d highly recommend Stacy. She is the complete package; focused, reflective, productive, practical, and supportive."

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  • Pema Chodron says...

    "Fear is a universal experience. Even the smallest insect feels it. We wade in the tidal pools and put our finger near the soft, open bodies of sea anemones and they close up. Everything spontaneously does that. It’s not a terrible thing that we feel fear when faced with the unknown. It is part of being alive, something we all share. We react against the possibility of loneliness, of death, of not having anything to hold on to. Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth."





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