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Bernie's Mittens + Boundaries

What do Bernie's mittens have to do with celebrating a woman's boundaries?!

Believe it or not, quite a bit!

Jen Ellis, the 2nd grade teacher who made Bernie's famous mittens has received over 13,000 orders from people wanting to buy a pair of her handmade mittens.

And she said no.

Her "no" is gorgeous, crystal clear, and a reflection of her values.

When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself. - Paulo Coelho

One of the key parts of setting and enforcing boundaries is to know our values.

What's important to you? What's not?

Jen Ellis cares about being an amazing teacher to her 2nd graders.

She doesn't care about what everyone else thinks about the mittens she made.

At a time when there's so much external encouragement to monetize everything, especially the things that others have deemed "valuable", she said no.

I found her self-awareness and clarity inspiring and worthy of celebration! 🎉

I love it so much I made a video about it (below!).

Sending you warm wishes for a relaxing weekend and full permission to say "no".



p.s. Could you (or another woman in your life) benefit from a refresher on boundaries and a community of women to explore, practice, and celebrate your "NO's" with? Join my free Facebook group here.

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