I don't often talk about the moon in these notes to you, but I'm going to make an exception this time.

Today's new moon in Taurus is all about getting clear on what you want.

According to astrologists, it's a time for...

  • slowwwwwing way down
  • inner peace
  • reflection
  • pleasure
  • luxury
  • art
  • comfort
  • aesthetic appeal
  • comfort
  • intuition
  • emotional intelligence
  • creating change in a mindful + intuitive way

What do YOU want more of these days?

Okay - hold that feeling / thought, we'll come back to it in a little bit.

I want to share a little new moon story with ya.

For those of you that have tuned in to this week's Outgrow the Grind episode (the FINAL episode of Season 1!), you've already heard this one.

In yesterday's episode, I talked about how I'd originally planned to launch Outgrow the Grind on the New Moon in February- on the 11th - exactly three months ago today!

I did this for two reasons...

  1. The number 11 is my favorite; and
  2. I had heard that New Moons are a good time to launch new creations out into the world

As February 11th got closer, I was putting lots of pressure on myself.

On one particularly exhausting day, I started to realize that I was turning the podcast recording process into a GRIND in an attempt to meet my self-imposed deadline of the New Moon.

I decided to shift the deadline back to mid-March after becoming aware of the fact that the WAY I was approaching the podcast wasn't aligned with WHY I created the podcast in the first place.

As you can imagine, the extra pressure + constriction + stress I was creating for myself was not nourishing my creative process.

And of course I had temporarily forgotten - I'm the boss! Of course I can change my mind!!

It's true that new moons are believed to be a particularly potent time for setting intentions and launching new projects (as long as you're not forcing yourself into unrealistic new project deadlines, so I've learned 😜!).

I invite you to go back to that question above - what you want more of.

How can you make one teeny tiny step towards it today?*

(*without a ton of pressure on yourself!!)

I'd love to hear what you want more of and what step you're making towards it.

Sending lots of nourishing new-moon-cosmic-reset-vibes your way!



P.S. If you could use some support, guidance, humor and community to catalyze what you want more of, consider attending my friend and coach colleague Robert's workshop on Sunday. He'd love to help you dust off your long-held dreams that have been longing to get out (just like all of us, yes?!).

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