I’ve been back in my hometown visiting my 99-year-old Grandma. We celebrated her 100th birthday a month early so she could join us. I love sitting with her in the dark and remembering together. During this time I’ve gotten to reconnect and laugh with so many family members (local + from out of town) and think about all my fond memories of growing up next to my grandparents until I was 5.

Yesterday I went down to the river to reflect. The river where I almost drowned once, the river where my Grandpa would fly fish (right off his 4 wheeler in his later years), the river that’s home to bears and fish and eagles and deer.

I’m so grateful that this area was my playground. It really built up my imagination, creativity, and exploring, all of which are such a big part of my coaching today. There were no screens in the mid-80s, or I guess the clunky big TV my parents had wasn’t that exciting with its 3 fuzzy channels... Being outside was so much more fun. I’m appreciating the opportunity to see it all come around full circle.

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