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A Reminder of all the Magic that Awaits You!

I just got back from a trip to visit some dear friends in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I lived in the Bay Area during graduate school and it will always hold such a special place in my heart.

It was the first big city where this small town girl felt like home.

Some of you know that I've reinvented myself many times over the years - in the last 13 years, I've lived in 8 states and moved across the country 4 different times.

I've enjoyed many grand adventures of exploring new jobs, new relationships, new homes, new friendships, and new zip codes.

When I visit my small Colorado hometown, my cousins ask "So where do you live again?"

It felt soooooo great to be back in the Bay Area last week. I was surprised by the comfort, peace, and belonging I felt in a place that I hadn't visited in four years.

My trip reminded me of the unpredictability of growth and how we never know what's around the bend.

When I first arrived in San Francisco in 2008, I never could've imagined what would bloom. 🌻

I couldn't have predicted that...

  • Even though I only knew one person when I moved there, I'd make lifelong friends that feel like family (we created a weekly meet-up called "Hump Day Happy Hour"!)
  • Answering a Craigslist ad would introduce me to my mentor and a life-changing opportunity that led me to work with some of the most impactful social justice nonprofits in the US
  • I'd find a magical in-law cottage (also from Craigslist ad - thank you Craig!) that I'd have the great luck of living in TWICE during my time in the Bay Area
  • There'd be heaps of other serendipitous (and also extremely challenging) twists and turns! I share more about my struggle with anxiety while working and attending grad school in this episode of Outgrow the Grind.

Two dear friends (now married!) who I used to carpool with every day!

Are you on the brink of a change?

What if all of the possibilities waiting for you are EVEN BETTER than what you can imagine right now?

Regardless of the fact that you have absolutely no evidence or proof right now?

I know what it feels like to be in that exciting and terrifying in-between spot.

If you want support in navigating what's next (while also leaving space for unplanned magic ✨), book a free 30-minute call with me.

I'd love to learn more about what you're looking for and see how I can support your growth in a way that feels like YOU.

Meanwhile, on the Outgrow the Grind podcast...

  • In Episode 9, Deneen Warmington gives us permission to be our whole selves and let our true gifts shine. She also reminds us that "It's okay to put ourselves first." YES!!
  • Amanda Wright joins me in Episode 10 to share the truth about the guilt she was feeling before she created a new possibility that works so much better for her and her family.
  • Keep an eye (or shall I say ear?!) out for Monday's new episode - in it, I'm joined by Melanie Maxwell who unpacks her own journey of unplugging from perfectionism.

Wishing you a possibility-filled rest of your week,


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