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What's nourishing you NOW?

It's so nice to reconnect with you here.

I've been slowing down more and doing a bit less these days, listening to what I need more than what I "should" do, and making space for just being.

I don't know about you, but I'm realizing that what brought me energy before the pandemic and what brings me energy now are a little bit different.

Before the pandemic, I loved traveling so dang much that red-eye flights and jet lag didn't even dissuade me!

The unexpected adventure of all of it charged me up. ⚡️

One of my favorite whirlwind trips was two years ago, when I flew from New York City to Seattle to meet my sister for a concert with Brandi Carlile, Neko Case and Emmylou Harris at the Gorge.

Here's a picture of me at the GORGEOUS Gorge before the show...

Yes, it was a ridiculous distance to travel for one show AND... absolutely everything about the concert and our weekend was pure magic!

I love that I was up for so many outrageous adventures then.

I'm SO grateful that we went when we could.

Nowadays, after hibernating for the last 15 months, I feel like I need to go into silent home isolation after a Sunday visit to TJ Maxx. 😜

And... I can find so much to celebrate in both of these approaches!

I came across this article last week about how our boundaries might've shifted during the pandemic.

I love how it normalizes that while external things were changing so drastically, figuring out and communicating what we need internally has also changed.

What's nourishing you NOW?

Maybe it's...

  • More alone time
  • More sleep (including naps in the middle o' the day!)
  • More (or LESS!) movement
  • More space between social engagements or travels
  • Pausing before saying "yes" to ANY commitment of your time, energy or attention
  • Setting up regular phone catch-ups with your long distance loved ones

I'd love to know what you're noticing after being in quarantine - reply to this email if you'd like to share!

🌱 Outgrow the Grind Podcast Updates

  • The first episode of Season 3 (!!) drops bright 'n' early tomorrow morning! In it, you'll meet Carly Jo Bell, who talks about how learning to tune in to what her body needs changed everything for her and her business.
  • I was so excited to share that we reached 2,000 downloads on July 4th (thank YOU for listening!!). My mom was visiting me from Colorado last week and she was the one to bring us over the 2,000 mark! See my fruit-"full" celebration photo at the bottom of this email.
  • In Season 2 Episode 11, "Presence Over Perfectionism", Melanie Maxwell shatters any myths that perfectionism serves us and she talks about HOW to learn to trust our precious, imperfect selves.
  • Natasha Riley shares how essential making time for pleasure is for our quality of life in Episode 12, "Prioritize Your Pleasure." And, she talks about what she does on Wednesday nights to infuse a major dose of pleasure into her week (that her entire family makes sure she never misses)!

Sending you a wish for the most easy and relaxing Sunday night!




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