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Announcing Outgrow the Grind

Hello, friends!

💛 Happy International Women’s Day to all of you amazing women who make our world a better place every single day just by being you.

I’m so excited (and to be honest, a little bit terrified!) to share that I’m launching my own podcast.

🌱It’s called “Outgrow the Grind” and it’s for overachieving women who’ve been fitting their needs into the tiny slivers in between what everyone else needs from them. And when they don’t, they feel weighed down by guilt. The Outgrow the Grind Podcast will help you learn how to grow a more aligned life where you're investing your time and energy in ways YOU love. A life that feels more free and spacious inside your body.

The podcast is a combination of solo shows, coaching demos, and guest interviews with some of the most inspiring women I know who have outgrown the daily grind.

My first four episodes launch in one week from today (yes, on my birthday! ✨).

If you’d like to be one of the first to know when my podcast goes live, visit this page: I’ll even send you a fun surprise just for signing up! 🌿

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