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Align with your aliveness + truth

I'm so excited to share the fifth episode of my (one week old!) Outgrow the Grind Podcast with you. It went live this morning! Here it is on Apple Podcasts.

It's called "Align with your Aliveness" and in it I share tools, strategies, ideas, inspiration and even a coaching demo (thank you, Vanessa!) to help you feel the difference between flow and force.

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to subscribe, review, and share my podcast. It means so very much to me. I'm excited to share that just in the last week, thanks to YOU, Outgrow the Grind has had 328 unique downloads and 35 five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts!

I feel so much pride, excitement, surprise, and gratitude. Being so visible was intimidating for me. What kept me going was the idea of reaching and helping even more overachieving women. I can't help them if I'm hiding!

An important part of "not hiding" is telling the truth.

I am angry and heartbroken by the white supremacist, anti-Asian, racist, and sexist attacks that took the lives of eight people on Tuesday, March 16 in Atlanta. Six of the victims were Asian women working hard to provide for their families. These hate crimes took place inside of Asian-owned spas. I mourn with the families, friends, loved ones, and communities of those who were killed in this horrific act of violence.

I also grieve for the thousands of Asian American and Pacific Islander folks that have been targeted and attacked in ongoing anti-Asian harassment and violence. Hate incidents against Asian Americans rose by nearly 150% in 2020 (and that's only reported cases). More than 68 percent of reported anti-Asian incidents have been from women (@napawf).

I attended the march and rally in Atlanta on Saturday to honor the lives of the eight people who were killed, and to stand up against the white supremacy, racism, sexism, and sexual violence that targets Asian American women again and again.

At Saturday's rally, one of the last speakers was James "Major" Woodall, President of the Georgia NAACP. He reminded us of Dr. Cornel West's words: "Justice is what love looks like in public."

We know that violence against Asian American communities is part of a larger system of violence and systemic racism against all communities of color, including Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

It's time for us to come together in grief and solidarity to build safe communities where EVERYONE is treated with dignity and respect.

Please join me in playing our part to dismantle white supremacy, misogyny, and systemic racist violence as an act of LOVE.

Here are a few resources you may find helpful:

  1. Sign the Asian Americans Advancing Justice Atlanta's collective community statement here.
  2. Donate to the support the victims, their families, and crisis interventions here.
  3. Watch the powerful National Asian Pacific America Women's Forum Vigil that was streamed to Facebook on Friday, March 19 here.
  4. Watch a vulnerable conversation between Lisa Ling and James "Major" Woodall (recorded yesterday) about the spread of white supremacy and its impact on Black and Asian communities here.
  5. Join Asian Americans Advancing Justice's next webinar on Wednesday, March 24th (6-7:30pm ET) called "You, Me and White Supremacy". I'll be there. Register here.

With love,


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "Letters from the Birmingham Jail"

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