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Bolster your boundaries!

When I founded my coaching business (it'll be two years old in August), I knew I wanted to help women invest their time and energy in ways they LOVE. 💜

For many women who are used to giving their ALL to work, their families, their friends and neighbors this sounds like a nice idea, but HOW?

The answer, my dear, is... boundaries.

What do you say yes to?

What do you say no to?

Where does your time, energy and attention go?

Is it all going out instead of in?

Maybe you want more time for rest.

Or alone time.

Or walks in the sunshine with no planned destination.

Or a creative project that brings you joy.

Carving out time and space for yourself requires saying "no" to other things.

And by saying "no" to other commitments, you say YES to yourself!

As I share in this week's Outgrow the Grind podcast episode, women in our patriarchal culture are socialized to please, and that makes saying “no” and setting clear boundaries (and even knowing what boundaries we’re “allowed” to set) very difficult.

Boundaries are something most of us are never taught - and - they are a practice that we can learn.

If you want to learn more about how to bolster your boundaries, then Episode 8 is for you.

Here's a little snippet of the episode:

Click here to listen to the entire episode and access the full show notes (with links to helpful resources).

Wishing you a great big YES to yourself today and always.



P.S. Looking for a community to learn about, practice, and celebrate your boundaries? Join my Free Women's Facebook Group. All women are welcome. For those of you who are already part of this group, thank you!

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