A couple of weeks ago, almost every client and friend that I spoke with mentioned feeling ungrounded and overwhelmed.


They feel this way…

  • At 8:57am when everyone was supposed to be on Zoom and neither the people nor the technology is cooperating.
  • At the grocery store when they turn the corner into the next aisle and see someone with their nose peeking out above their mask and they try their absolute best not to lose it.
  • At the end of the day when they feel too exhausted to make another meal and the idea of more dishes, no thanks.
  • When their boss is texting them outside of work hours and they’re already working too many hours as is.
  • When they start doing the math on how long holiday shipping takes and just hope their gifts arrive before 2021.

We’re all juggling a lot. And, we have no idea how long we’ll be juggling for.


After one of my client calls, I asked myself what I could create that would support my clients and other women who so badly want to feel grounded, present, and in their body. And, I knew it needed to be something easy that they could do in short little windows of time.


So I created a free Grounding Guide, with 10 ways to ground yourself in 5 minutes or less.


To get it, click on this link.


I’d love for you to scoop up my free Grounding Guide so you have some strategies at the ready the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. And feel free to share the link with other women you love who could also use some quick and easy grounding.

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