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My Scavenger Hunt with the Universe

I’d been looking for a teal velvet office chair since we moved into our new home on August 1st. I would search “teal velvet office chair” on Wayfair, on Amazon, on Google. I had saved lots of different chairs and even had one all picked out and waiting patiently in my Wayfair cart. I hadn’t bought it yet because the earliest ship date was a few weeks out and I had this feeling I could get a similar (or better) chair even sooner.

Tuesday morning over coffee I checked Facebook marketplace to see what treasures were to be found. At the top of my list, there it was. “Teal Velvet Rolling Chair” for $25. I looked at the pictures and sent a message to the seller right away. We messaged back and forth and I told her it was exactly what I’d been looking for. She said she’d give me her address as soon as she received my PayPal payment. I needed to run and errand and I figured I could pay her after I was back. After my errand, I saw a message that she was getting lots of interest about the chair and that I needed to confirm that I wanted it or she’d move on to the next buyer. I went ahead and paid her right away (with fingers crossed that the chair was in fact real and that this would be a legit transaction!), then she quickly sent me the address and I headed her way.

Because of COVID, she wanted to do a no-contact pickup, so she had the chair waiting for me on her porch. When I saw the chair, there was a bright yellow note stuck to the chair with duct tape that read “your face is like sunshine.” I couldn’t believe it - “Stacy Raye of Sunshine” is my nickname (and IG handle - @stacyrayeofsunshine)! I thought it was totally bizarre and amazing but figured it was just a delightful coincidence.

After I confirmed the chair pickup with her, she messaged me to say that she was looking at my FB profile and was curious about my coaching practice. She asked me to send her my website to learn more about me and my coaching ( if you’re curious!). I sent it, and not three minutes later she wrote back saying “WOW! Serendipity indeed! I think I could definitely use your coaching!” She’s an overachieving woman on the edge of burnout. She wants her life to look differently but she’s not sure how. She said she’s transitioning out of survival mode into a state of growth.

We have a sample coaching session together on Tuesday.

What scavenger hunt is the universe sending you on?

What are the clues and signs that the universe has your back (even when you may have temporarily forgotten)?

If you’re an overachieving woman who wants to get out of survival mode so you can invest your time and energy in ways you love, let’s chat. I'd love to explore how I can support you. 💜

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